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A woman seeking inspiration finds a set of watercolour paints, but things are not as straightforward as they appear.


Watercolour is a fun little story about seeking inspiration and opening up to new ideas.

This short film was created in 2020 by three friends in North-West Tasmania, Australia.

Watercolour was entered into My Rode Reel 2020; the world's largest short film competition.

Though we didn't win any awards, the received an abundance of praise from our local communities.


Behind the Scenes

As part of the My Rode Reel competition we were required to submit a behind the scenes video showing that we used a Rode Microphone in the making of our short film. You can watch our BTS video here:



Christopher Bradshaw

Producer, Writer, Director of Photography, Sound Mixer, Editor


Elizabeth Sly

'The Artist'

Director, Prop Artwork, Art Direction, Story Collaborator


Ryan Smith

B.T.S. Producer, Camera Op, and Editor

Assistant Producer, Production Assistant, Story Collaborator

Also appearing as the cashier in the antique shop



New Beginnings by Kory Morris

A Search for Somewhere Else by Daniel Jorgensen

The Lively Garden by Kory Morris

Sound Effect of Cash Register by CapsLok

Additional artwork by Meagan Killick

Extra Special Thanks

John Cole for the letting us film in Antique Emporium

Julie-Anne Jolly for appearing as the dog walker, and for the artist's table

Beemo for appearing as the dog

Elizabeth Jolly for your support

Thanks to

Tim & Jazz Upton for lending us the slider

Ian Macleod for the wooden artist's chair

Christopher Bradshaw is a freelance videographer from NW Tasmania.
He trades as Christopher J. Videography.