How to choose your wedding videographer

Are you looking for the perfect wedding videographer but don't know where to start? Here's some handy advice from an industry expert.

Define Your Priorities

It's important to ask yourself what is important to you and your fiancé about having a wedding video (or set of wedding videos). Here are some starting questions: A. Do you just want a simple video to document the day, or do you value hiring an artist who will turn your wedding day into a beautiful film?

B. Do you want full day coverage, or only certain parts of the day captured (for example, only the ceremony)?

C. How much do you value having a videographer and what does that mean for your budget? With those questions answered now we can take a look at how to hire the perfect videographer for you.

Spotting a Great Videographer

Whether or not you want an entry level videographer or the best of the best, these points stay the same. A great videographer will: - make you and your fiancé feel at ease when they're around

- be happy to help you

- be confident in their craft

- be experienced with weddings and understand how important the day is to you both

- have redundancy equipment in case of a malfunction

On the flip side a bad videographer will:

- not care whether or not they make you feel comfortable

- take forever to respond to queries

- are unable to satisfactorily explain their method of work and artistic style

- take for granted the importance of you wedding day, as for them it's just another wedding

- only have one camera and one audio recorder, and one hard drive for storing files

Approach Finding a Videographer As You Would a Photographer

Videographers, like photographers are artists who have their own artistic style and expression. It's important when selecting a videographer to view a portfolio of their previous work to make sure you love their style, and try to pinpoint what it is about their style you like. While most videographers will be accommodating to requests, keep in mind that their style will still be at the heart of the videos they deliver to you. Also like photographers it's important to book well in advance to ensure you don't miss out.

Check Reviews

Have a search around the Google listing, website, and Facebook page of any potential videographer to see what previous clients are saying about them. If you are looking to book the same videographer that a friend or family member used; ask them all about their experience with that videographer.

Not All Packages Are Equal

Wedding videographers aren't like a McDonalds where it's the same menu in every shop. Not only does each videographer have their own rates, they also offer different types of wedding videos. Some will only offer a highlights video based on the number of hours booked, while others will deliver a video of the whole day from start to finish. Take the time to check over the options that each videographer offers to make sure you will receive exactly what you want.

Meet With Them Before Deciding

Before signing a contract meet up or video chat with the videographer to ensure you feel comfortable around them - especially important for when they'll be pointing a camera at you all day! It's important that you and your fiancé get along with your videographer as you don't want any weird vibes getting in the way of enjoying your wedding day.

Backup Plan

Ask your (potential) videographer what they would do if their camera malfunctions, or if the celebrant's microphone stopped working. These are things that can happen, so they should be ready for it. An experienced videographer will have at least one backup camera and one backup audio solution should something go wrong. Also ask if they keep a backup drive of all the video and audio files during the editing process.