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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other wedding videographers?

In addition to my own je ne sais quoi; I go above and beyond the standard of other videographers. I record the ceremony with multiple microphones to deliver clear audio, even if the celebrant's PA system fails. I always carry backup camera equipment to ensure I don't miss anything. And I always work with the mindset that I am creating for you a beautiful family heirloom.

What is a Highlights Film?

A Highlights Film is the prettiest shots from your wedding day set to a single song. The Highlights film may include one or two quotes spoken during your wedding day.

What is a 'Cinematic Wedding Film'?

A Cinematic Wedding Film is my speciality. It's a combination of the most heartfelt and important words spoken on your wedding day, edited together with the most beautiful imagery. I combine these two elements to create a short film that is not only beautiful, but tells your story. All the wedding films I have on display on this website are Cinematic Wedding Films.

What is a 'Cinematic Trailer'?

A Cinematic Trailer is a preview version of your Cinematic Wedding Film. The Trailer will run for around 60 seconds and can be used on social media to get your family and friends excited to see your wedding films.

What is in a Ceremony film?

A Ceremony Film is your entire Wedding Ceremony from the moment the groom stands patiently waiting at the alter; through to you walking down the aile as newly weds. I film the ceremony from multiple angles with 2 cameras and with tiny microphones hidden on the groom and celebrant, plus I record a copy of output from the celebrant's speaker. I then edit this together into a single film of your Ceremony.

What is in a Speeches film?

A Speeches film is all of the speeches from the reception put together as single film. I record the speeches from multiple angles with 2 cameras, plus I discretely record a copy of the audio from microphone used on the night to ensure the best sound quality. The Speeches film is an optional extra, but is included in Package 2.

Do you offer a film of the entire day, from start to finish, in chronological order?

Yes. This is called a 'Documentary Film' and is an optional extra, available upon request.

Is a Film the same as a Video?

Yes. It's a quirk of mine that I preffer to label my work as 'films' instead of 'videos'.

Do we need to leave the room lights on at the reception for your cameras?

No. I use specialised cameras which are optimised for low-light situations. Your first dance can be lit only by fairy-lights or candles if you wish and I won't miss a thing.

Do you film with a drone?

If the weather conditions are right I love sending up a drone to get a different perspective. When flying a drone I strictly follow all CASA and Department of Parks and Wildlife regulations.

Do you charge for equipment hire?

No. I provide all my own equipment which is included in all packages.

Your pricing doesn't show hours. How long do you work for?

Depending on which Package you select, plus any extra editing requests, I work anywhere up to 60 hours. This includes filming on your wedding day, plus all the hours involved in editing the footage.

What is archiving?

Archiving is the the secure storage of your wedding day footage and edited wedding films as data on external hard drives. All data is stored in duplicate and is kept for life. Should anything happen to your copy of your wedding film there will always be a backup which can be supplied to you. I include Archiving in all my packages.

Do you charge travel fees?

Yes, if your wedding is more than 1 hour away from Devonport I may charge travel fees depending on how extensive the travel is. This will only be to cover the expenses in getting to and from your wedding; such as fuel, accomodation, flights, hire car rental, luggage allowance etc. Travel fees will be in writing and included in the service agreedment that we both sign.

Can you pull out single frames from video and use them as photographs?

Yes. I film in 4K resoltion whenever possible which is the equvlenat of 8 Megapixel photographs.

Are you LGBTQIA+ friendly?


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